If you want to use the old Project free tv, use site: www2.projectfreetv.fun

Project Free TV - One of The Oldest Streaming Sites

We are pretty sure the first Project Free TV was created so many years ago that it is probably among the first streaming sites ever made. Maybe there were other sites before PFTV but none of them became popular enough so we can be able to remember it. Short time after Project's first online apparition it gained lots of fans and enough traffic to place it in top 3 most popular streaming websites in the world. As many similar sites, the original ProjectFreeTV has been shutted down at a time due to unknown reasons but the competition did not hesitate and started to create many clone sites with same name and design as the first PFTV site. Some of them did a great job and obtained some traffic and fans but also some of them were horrible and nobody chose them in order to watch their favorite movies and series..

ProjectFreeTV.Fun - Created by The Old Team

One year ago, the old Project team decided to reunite and build the ultimate streaming website based on ProjectFreeTV style. The new PFTV has a modern design and interface and even if it is similar with 123Movies's Theme, ProjectFreeTV managed to make a lot of changes and adapt it to Project's requirements. This website has one of the biggest collections of movies and tv shows you've ever seen on a free streaming website with nearly 60.000 episodes from 1.700 tv shows and almost 10.000 movies. Everything benefits of HD quality, fast loading players with no advertisement and you can watch anything without creating an account. ProjectFreeTV is very well structured so you can easily find any kind of content you prefer.

In the hedear of the site you can see different pages for movies, tv series (with 18 tv networks you can choose from), episodes, the list of all genres available on this site, release years for movies and series and a calendar for daily latest episodes from your favorite tv shows. If those options are not enough, you can also use the search box to find something good to watch. The new ProjectFreeTV became popular after just a few months and people seemed to love this website, especially for the latest episodes section. Things worked well for a long time but unfortunately these days fans seem to forgot about this website and because we want to resurrect PFTV we will make the first website redirect.

First Redirect After One Year - [Updated]

As we previously said, the things aren't working pretty well for ProjectFreeTV in the last months so it was the perfect time for a redirect that we hope will act like a good refresh for this website and will make it great again. The new address for PFTV is www1.projectfreetv.fun. Is it basically the old one, just add "1" after "www". There are no changes for the visitors, you can still access Project regardless the link you type in your browser. With this redirect, we also wanted to improve our database and we started to replace lots of old video players with new ones, modified some links structure and many other little things that we hope will make your experience on ProjectFreeTV to be better. But this is not all, with the redirect we also wanted  to offer different alternatives for everyone who enjoy watching movies online. That's why in the bottom of the site you can see 8 pages, each dedicated to a specific streaming website like PutLocker, FMovies, SolarMovie and so on. On these pages you have a short description of this brand website and a list of the most recommended movies. We are working on updating every page with more content so stay tuned.

Project Free TV - The Most Trusted Site

It's not that hard to believe this when we say that PFTV is considered to be the most trusted streaming site ever created, considering the fact that it has been online for 10 years and we think it never disappointed its loyal fans. We know that many people love ProjectFreeTV because of the calendar section with the latest episodes from their favorite tv show and that's why we will keep updating this section of the site everyday. In the last months we have spent a lot of time doing upgrades on our database and we've replaced a lot of broken links and now we are sure all of our content is perfectly working in HD quality without interruptions. One of the reasons that make 123movies the most trusted site is the low level of advertising in all those years. We never wanted to annoy our users with intrusive ads and we've worked hard to keep the number of ads as low as possible to make your browsing experience on PFTV to be better. This also means we paid attention to the security measures and worked only with safe third parties and that's how we succeeded to never have viruses on our site.

Too Many Project Free TV Mirror Sites Online

It was always a problem with people who choose to clone another website instead of work and make their own. This is also the case of ProjectFreeTV because many people like our website and they are creating mirrors trying to earn some money and in the same time ''are stealing'' visitors who are trying to search for the original PFTV and they end up on cloned sites with crappy content and bad experience, which affects the trust of ProjectFreeTV. Be aware of the mirror sites and always visit directly the site you like by typing its address in your browser instead of searching on Google. It would help us if you bookmark our site and also it will be easier for you to come back here next time.

Project Free Tv - UnBlocked Everywhere

We know a few years ago there were problems related to the availability of PFTV site in some countries. In some places there are laws that prohibits watching movies online free and that's why occasionally a few streaming sites are blocked by the IPS providers from that country, which results in the fact that fans from this country can't visit our site anymore until they are using a VPS.  This problem is rarely encountered today because technology has advanced, ''the things'' behind the websites are permanently changing and now it's way harder for a government to handle the shutting down of a website this way.

Project Free TV Similar Alternative WebSites

- PrimeWire is representing, as the name suggests, the old style of the first PFTV site created many years ago and also closed at a time. This site has been created for the veteran fans of Project who loved the first design and want to relive those times. Other than design theme, everything has been improved even on this "old" site and you can enjoy their high quality database which hosts lots of good movies and tv shows.
- ProjectFreeTV is another good choice when it comes to watch series hd sites because it offers pretty much the same thing as the original site does, including the modern interface, cool features, high quality video players, fast loading, mobile responsive and many more. If you're bored of our site, you can anytime go and give a try to ProjectFreeTV.online to check out something fresh.
- Free TV project has been recently created and we are happy to see this when people are making an effort and work hard in order to create a good streaming site. This version of PFTV is very well developed and if we didn't like it, we wouldn't talk about it but ProjectFreeTVs.net really deserves your attention and it might really become one of your favorite streaming sites because it is offering only quality content and it doesn't have any advertisement.
- Free TV Video Online might not sound familiar but you have to know this name has been used for probably the first PFTV site ever created, then was a rebranding into the actual name after some time. Free-TV-Video-Online.org is a new site but it also choosed an old-fashioned design theme to recreate the vibe of the first ProjectFreeTV. It is a very interesting website and you might like to watch your favorite movies and series on their platform.
123Movies is the most popular streaming website ever made. This website's rise was like a rocket in terms of popularity because it offers a big quantity of HD movies and series, everything available for free without registration. 123Movies has a beautiful and modern design, very easy to use by everyone, lots of filters and categories for their content and an advanced ranking system.
GoStream - GoStream was always one step behind 123movies site, following every moves they made and implement fast every kind of improvement on their site. Their perseverance made GoStream become one of our favorite streaming websites and this is why we've included it in our recommended list. On GoStream123 you can watch all your favorite movies from all times in HD quality without ads.
Watch Series - WatchSeries, as the name implies, is a website primarily focused on tv series. It seems WatchSeries wanted to conquer the tv shows niche and posted 60.000 high quality episodes available for free without creating an account.  Even if they worked harder on tv shows, WatchSeries also published thousands of HD movies. This website is well organized and offers filters such as genre, release year, network, director, popularity, top IMDb and more so you can browse faster through their collection.
CouchTuner - CouchTuner at this moment is a smaller website but we really think it will become at least as popular as the other sites from our list. They are publishing every day lots of new movies and tv series. All the movies are in HD quality and also have subtitles! CouchTuner has a dedicated top IMDb page for those who want to choose something good to watch based on IMDb's rating. You can also type a name directly into the search form or just browse freely through the movies and tv shows pages.